Mudflat hiking – a jewel of Gujarat

Mudflat hiker

Mudflat hiking-It’s a new word right? Hiking is common but it is more on road or in mountain or in snow. But this hiking is in mud. Let me give brief introduction of mudflat hiking. This activity is more popular in Germany. What we see in low tide timing near sea beach is either sandy beach or stony beach, but there are few areas on this earth where giant mud flat emerge near sea beach in low tide timing. When you walk in this mudflat , it may be 1ft to 5 f t deep. Such mudflat is possible in Germany so hikers go deep into these mud planes & return back during high tide by swimming . It’s a great surprise for me when I came to know that such mud planes prevail in Gulf of Khambhat. So we decided to explore it.

This is our first encounter with mud river, in the beginning everybody is clean. One can compare this cleanliness at end of our mud hike.

Mud activity like sliding, jumping, back slide, army walk, sledging…..all created by us in mud.

shirshasan in mud
suryanamaskar in mud

This is our group, after mud hiking, covered with mud.

lying down in mud like a crocodile

Clean pond to have a bath & remove our mud after mud hiking.

Boat safari in sea after mud hike.

Our group at end of the day

Before & after images of mud hike

We have enjoyed a lot in mud. Routinely when we become dirty after exposure to mud, our mindset is to clean it up as early as possible. But here picture is different. Hikers bargaining with group leader to give more time in mud. Each & every part of body covered with mud but still enjoyable. Whether it is Walking or sliding or sledging …each activity was enjoyable. One thing I have noticed , the person who is fully covered by mud(that means he played more in mud) has enjoyed a lot. Over all very nice experience, this is very remote place so don’t expect too much , just enjoy this incredible thing given to us by nature. In European & Western countries there are many mud hiking beaches but in India, we have only this one -that’s why I named it “Jewel of Gujarat”

For organising trip one can contact diving deep organiser

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