Boat camp- Its not logical but psychological

Our journey started with this advertisement on internet about “BOAT CAMPING” . Mountain camping or beach camping is known but boat camping! I heard it first time, so decided to explore it.

This place is near Madhya Pradesh-Gujarat border, not located in google map. It’s difficult to find out such an interior & unexplored place without diving deep organization support. We travelled 6 hour in car & 1 hour in boat to reach this unique place. We were blindfolded in boat to connect with nature.

This is very unique place surrounded by water & only accessible through boat. Small hills in island which provide us excellent view.

Camp site

True camping. ….starts with pitching our own tent.

Tents on hill
Relaxing after pitching tents

Done short treck to reach this water body.

Our master chef cooking class. Different task is given to every one starting from collecting woods, making “chulo” & than making food. We were all involved in this community cooking in different ways.

Star gazing after dinner. Beautiful sky, lot of stars & no light pollution. This is not Himalaya ….but it is our Gujarat.

Star gazing in night

Morning starts with “datan”….we tried to live like local in each & everything.

Taking bath in river.

Started climbing this mountain in chhota udaipur. This mountain is very unique, It’s very steep so one can not climb it by standing position. So we all have done scrambling to climb this mountain.


After exploring this virgin island, I was just thinking what different activities we had done. We stayed in tent & lived like a local ( No formal toilet facility). We also took bath in wild river (its my psychological boundary that I never went into an unknown river flow), Climbed a mountain which was very steep so had to do scrambling…. all these activities at first site my mind had refused to do but when I started doing it same mind enjoyed it. Over the time I realized that our mind has created so many psychological boundaries but if you break that boundary with logic than you can find your purpose. So next time whenever your mind refuses to do something just remember ” IT’S NOT LOGICAL, BUT IT’S PSYCHOLOGICAL”

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