Tail event – make me waterfall hunter

Hello everybody, This monsoon we have explored 4 water falls in 2 days.

Dediapada is unique terrain. Still unexplored, lots of virgin waterfall & most of these waterfall required little bit trekking so not suitable for many person.

Our camping site was unique , at top of mountain & in mid of clouds. Morning, evening & night all these three different time camp site gives us different view.

camp site
barbeque at camp site
campsite in morning
campsite in evening
Antakshari at campsite in night

Where ever we travel, we try to explore place like a local. Take a food which local eats. Dediapada has poor transportation system, one car carries 15-20 passengers, half of these passengers travel on roof of car. We also tried this type of transportation with Antakshari & enjoyed.

I have explored minimum 50 waterfall, but this mogri waterfall is unique. It has a steps to climb up & very safe to take bath.

dance in waterfall
meditation in waterfall
Signature hot tea at waterfall by urvish
dahel waterfall
biker gang

2 days, 4 waterfall (kokam, ninai, mogri & dahel waterfall). Enjoyed taking bath in these unique waterfall. Especially urvish’s team manages hot tea at waterfall is amazing.

Tail events are very rare events in our life. But whenever it occurs it changes our life. Take a example of gandhiji, he was happy from his practice as a lawyer until he was thrown out of train in south Africa. Throwing out of train is tail event for him & for entire country which leads to freedom to our country. That is why we are celebrating “azadi ka amrit mahotsav ” today. 2001 earthquake in gujarat & later on gujarat riots are tail events for narendra modiji, as whole country come to know about this person & later on by his wisdom he becomes our prime minister. Today we are celebrating this azadi ka amrit mahotsva, its brain child of him. If these tail events doesn’t happen than history may be different.

In my life, i have experienced tail event. one which i found japanese technique “genicular artery embolization” to save knee joint from knee replacement surgery. Many patients give us a blessing for it. Another tail event is i met urvish, a group leader of discover dediapada. urvish is Young I.T. engineer by profession, passionate for waterfall trekking. He himself found many waterfall treks in dediapada. He has initiated movement of discover dediapada to get familiar about this region & waterfall to others. No proper hotels in this area, so without help of urvish, its not possible to explore all these natural beauty. When i met him first time few years ago, i am impressed with his passion for waterfall tekking. Eventually i also keep exploring 3-4 waterfall with him every year……he has make me waterfall hunter.

Mr Urvish & his discover dediapada group is highly recommended with family. Contact him on 8446128183.

urvish-group leader of discover dediapada

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