Rishikesh-Does it have a magical formula?

Rishikesh has a magical formula or not that I will reveal at end of this blog but we have magical formula for knee pain, heel pain & varicose vein. We are going to show this magical treatment live on 21st Nov 2021, Click on the registration link for this conference to watch this magic…..

Link of conference registration
Highest jump in asia

During this Diwali vacation, we tried to explore Rishikesh. The greenish-blue water of Ganga & white sandy beaches at the bank of the Ganga river makes you fall in love with Rishikesh. Rishikesh has a lot of things to do. If you are adventure enthusiastic then you will enjoy river rafting, bungee jumping, giant swings. If you are interested in the spiritual journey then you will love yoga & meditation centers over here. And if you are not interested to do any activity then also Rishikesh offers you a white sandy beach at Ganga river…just relax and hear the music of Ganga Maiya…..you will love it!!!!

Bluish-green Ganga
Ganga at the Vashishth caves
Laxman Zula
Midnight cafe
Our favourite Little Buddha cafe
Morning black coffee at our resort with waterfall view
Triveni ghat arati of Ganga
Ram fal
Maharshi Mahesh yogi
The Beatles

Maharshi Mahesh yogi has created the Transcendental Meditation technique in Rishikesh. The Beatles, a very popular rock band of that time came here to learn this technique. During their stay in the ashram with Maharshi Mahesh yogi, they have created many songs & their album became popular as “the white album”. Rishikesh has some magic in place. One person find a new meditation technique, another group’s creativity increased with this technique…….White sandy beaches of Ganga & holy vibration of Rishikesh …. a combination of these two make Rishikesh magical land. It has a magical formula.

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