Is the glass half empty or half full? -Discover Dediapada

Hello friends, This monsoon we explored Dediapada…….it is unexplored heaven. We did two magnificent waterfall treks in this region. These water fall is no where on google map. It is only explored by some local guys. The first one is a little tough, you have to climb against a stream of a river. Second water fall is easy one. Both waterfalls has magnificent views and you can have a bath in both waterfalls.

On the way we explored different beautiful places….

On the way
Tent site
Discover dediapada
Live barbeque
Youngest trekker
Water fall day 1
Waterfall day 2

I came to know about the discover dediapada group through social media. This group is run by engineers. Group leader Urvish himself is a software guy working in MNC. All have one thing in common that is passion about their motherland. This group of friends are exploring this region since childhood & at least they have identified 15 waterfall treks for trekkers. They just want others to come & explore this place. They want to share the joy of these magnificent waterfalls with others. I believe that where ever you are born, some people find out their passion & enjoyment. Such people never criticize odd circumstances , but they find out solutions for such odd circumstances. Now it is very important for your perception to be positive to find out solution from odd circumstances. If one has negative perception for present situation then he will never find solution from it. In unfavorable circumstances always ask yourself “Is the glass half empty or half full?” If answer is empty, you have negative perception & you may never find solution. Look for fullness of glass just like discover dediapada group.

Note: I recommend this trek. You can choose mild to moderate difficulty trek after discussing with Urvish. It will be a lifetime experience. Contact Urvish… Discover dediapada group leader.

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