Jaisalmer- small things matter a lot!

Friends, this diwali vacation we have explored jaisalmer. It’s a small village near Indo-pak border. It survives on tourism. Jaisalmer has it’s mesmerizing golden fort, palaces & sand dunes .

Jaisalmer fort
Candle light dinner at fort
sunrise at fort
Titanic pose at fort
Sunrise at fort

Sand dunes of Jaisalmer was fantastic. We enjoyed jeep safari in evening & at night. It was a memorable experience of spending time in dessert under stars during night safari.

jeep safari
in sand dunes
Sunset in dessert
Night photography with mobile light in sand dunes

There are lot of haunted villages & associated stories in Rajasthan. One of the village is khambha village

khamba haunted village

Few memories at palace of Jaisalmer…..

Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyu mara?
Bollywood film shooting
On the way to border

This time we have done culinary food trail of Jaisalmer. Dal pakwan, mirchi wada, mava kachori, pyaz kachori, rabadi, ghebar, gatte ka laddu, bhang and many more delicacies. It was a wonderful experience.

When I analyse my trip than one important message for all of us. Let me confess that jaisalmer has sightseeing which one can finish in one & half days but we stayed there for five days still we enjoyed a lot. Reason behind this enjoyment is we have converted small -small things into enjoyable moment. While going on the way to border on-road photography, candle light dinner on top of the fort, singing with Rajasthani musician at fort, dancing in sand dunes, watching stars at midnight in sand dunes, eating Rajasthani cuisine in street of Jaisalmer, bala dance ….all this small-small things of enjoyment made our holiday memorable.

Small things matter a lot in our life. Japanese have created philosophy of “KAIZEN” on it. It means continuous improvement with small small positive changes. Kaizen philosophy is for business but if we look in psychology, small words of appreciation makes relationship far better than bad words. If anyone remember that andhakanoon song by bachhan “बड़ी बड़ी खुशिया है छोटी छोटी बातो में”…..this is reality of life we try to find happiness in exotic vacation but similar happiness we can find anywhere in small-small things….THAT’S WHY I SAY “SMALL THINGS MATTER A LOT“.

Thanks to each and every positive members of our Jaisalmer jalsa group

KIDS EXPERIENCE.…….From this blog onwards we have tried to include experience of kids travelling with us…………PRASHIL SHAH’s experience “Jaisalmer was just a small break with big memories, it was not a trip but was an adventure. It was a nice experience of going and surfing for good restaurants and good scenery. The best part when we started exploring the local food we never ate and know its existence. It was an immense pleasure to meet a family member of his highness of Jaisalmer. I thank Mohal uncle a lot because he is the man behind this adventure. The best part of the trip was in the sand dunes at night and in the car with Pratik uncle
For me it was a wonderful experience😀

NIHAR VORA’s experience “The overall experience of the Jaisalmer trip was fabulous. Like, i enjoyed each and evey moment of this trip. The best thing for me was the night safari in the deserts. The serene feeling of walking on the cold sand under the stars was just…..wow!!! The local food which we had in jaisalmer was also great😀😀.

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