Aravalli waterfall- Is travelling loser’s game?

Friends, we celebrated this Janmashtami at Aravalli waterfall. Aravalli forest reserve, is a dense forest and inside the forest there is 3 leveled water fall.

Scenic drive
On the trek lot of spider web
On the way
Banyan tree

We enjoyed nature walk, explored forest on the way, amazed by 3 leveled waterfall………..It’s our memorable one day trip. When I look back and analyse all my trips than i realize that company of people with similar liking & mindset is very important for memorable experiences. If one travels to exotic place like Switzerland but company is not good than one doesn’t have any good memorable experience, reversely place is not exotic but company of good people makes it memorable .

Let’s have a look on this important observation in game of tennis. Tennis can be won by two method, it is called winners game and loser’s game. In winners game one can win by powerful winning shots. While in loser’s game, one have to avoid mistake , try to return ball to opponent court and wait for mistake by opponent. If you play loser’s game, by avoiding mistakes, than also you can win.

You need not go to exotic place like Switzerland for enjoyment every time (winner’s game). Similar enjoyment one can get at any place by selecting company of people with similar mindset. So one needs to avoid mistake by selecting group of people traveling along with you(loser’s game) ……..that’s why I prefer to play LOSER’S GAME in traveling by selecting company of friends with similar mindset. Thanks to our enthusiastic group to make this trip memorable….

Photography credit: It goes to entire group. one can follow them on instagram for further photography delight shahshitin, hrshah_86, shirali_shah, anshulbanker , prerakshah

2 responses to “Aravalli waterfall- Is travelling loser’s game?

  1. Missed this time also. Seems you had a wonderful day trip.

    Can you please share the route of this place and things to do there and nearby ?


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