Desia-Rich tribal culture of Odisha

Hello friends, This summer we experienced tribal culture of Odisha. Odisha has very dense forest & unexplored beaches. Let’s have a look on it.

It’s Rushikonda beach(its in vizag,andhra pradesh). This beach has very good high waves & depth of sea is very shallow ….so it is ideal for surfing.

Rushikonda Beach

Small village called Desia in Koraput district…..with home stay.

Desia home stay

Beauty of internal road…

Our zoom car with lush green farm

Fruits of Desia….cashew, talghoda, jackfruits..

tal ghoda

local villager

pottery classes

Dhokra art work from this region is very famous. They make art piece from anthill sand….it’s really amazing!

Dhokra art piece from sand

Some famous dishes of this area…

Konark sun temple was built 800 years back. At that time they had filled metal in between the stones & put one huge magnet at top of the temple. This magnet was helpful to keep all stones together. Unfortunately Portuguese had removed that magnet as it caused problem to the ship & this sun temple stones started to fall……right now the whole temple is filled with sand to prevent it from falling..

Odisha has many different tribes. We met Bonda tribal people their. They still live in forest. Their all day to day necessary things are fulfilled by surrounding nature. Women of this tribe comes to market every Thursday for exchange of their home made wines with another necessary things …through barter system.

Bonda tribe
Ready to sell feni
wine pipe

If one look at this tribal culture, they have no extra demands. All their demands like food,shelter, wine are fulfilled by nature. They don’t expect much from nature. While in city, people’s demand is very high….whatever you give to city people it is not sufficient to them as they compare it with others. I have observed in metro cities, people are not happy with whatever they have ….at the same time they have deep regrets about whatever they don’t have & other people have it………absolutely reverse culture seen in these tribal people….they are very happy with whatever they have & they don’t have any regrets for not having many things which other people have. So live in city but adopt tribal culture that’s key thing.

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  1. Excellent mohal ,Wonderful $##%as a traveller you are exploring like anything. All are previous blog are also wonderful. You are inspiring us in many ways. You are real and true brand ambassador rather than our faltu politicians.great going keep it up.

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