Dwarka-Happiness is a Mindset…

Hello friends,  This Diwali vacation , we had planned trip of scuba diving & island excursion in Dwarka. There are many unexplored beaches surrounding  Dwarka.  Dwarka’s unique strategic location makes it ideal for spiritual, beach exploring & adventure theme tourism.

Nageshwer Jyotirlinga


Our island trip, which covered eight islands with marine trekking & live Dolphins. Full day boat tour has many thing to offer. Marine trekking, Jelly Fish , Dolphin show, island swimming….& much more.

Jelly fish–in thousands


Dolphin—seen minimum 50 dolphins…IMG_20181110_122021

Island excursion

Shivrajpur beach—Amazing  half moon beach with crystal clear water & white sand.  We did scuba diving on this beach.



Shivrajpur beach


Jangleshwer Mahadev with beautiful view of sunset…


Every day beach side dinner & campfireIMG_20181109_221721

Ready for scuba diving at Shivrajpur beach

Under water world

After dwarka, We went to Madhavpur beach. Beach side camping, star gazing, famous chhakada ride, Osho ashram …many things to explore at one place.IMG_4109IMG_8462IMG_8498

chhakada rideIMG_20181112_121214

Osho ashram in monkey forest with banyan tree swingIYHN1858


Photogenic family award winner

After the trip we were discussing about most enjoyable moments of trip. We had high expectations from many things (like Madhavpur beach) but we enjoyed more from unexpected surprise things (like Jangleshwer beach, Shivrajpur beach, Chhakada ride…list is very long).  Even though we found average food on beach side campfire but we enjoyed a lot due to group activity. Happiness is just a mindset. One can find happiness in difficulties & if your mind is not prepared than you will not find happiness in favorable circumstances as well…Prepare your mind for HAPPINESS…just like our positive energetic group.

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