Velas turtle festival-a concept of inner score card

Hello friends, recently we had been to a unique festival  of turtles at Velas. Velas is a small eco-village in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra which is famous for the Olive Ridley turtle population that visits the Velas beach every year and lay their eggs. At Velas, turtle conservation movement is undertaken by the villagers. An NGO named Sahyadri Nisargmitra and the villagers committee have  taken the initiative to conserve Olive Ridley Turtles by providing protection to their eggs. Witnessing a baby turtle coming out of the egg and then finding its way to the sea by those baby steps is an unforgettable moment.  Every year this village bears witness to a truly heart-warming sight as thousands of newly hatched Olive Ridley turtles take their first steps towards the big blue sea. We were lucky to watch such tiny turtles marching towards the sea.7










Apart from  the turtles, Velas beach is ideal for star gazing . It is free from light pollution, its peaceful atmosphere gives you opportunity to spend hours at night.




Another unique place near Velas is Harihareshwer temple. This unique temple is situated on the hilltop. Its pradakshina route passing besides the sea shore is not advisable to walk during high tide.

Velas, paradise for birds.





Local food & fruit(ramfal)


This was our road trip. From Ahmedabad to Velas it took 14-15 hours. We reached their without any prior booking except for Velas. Our strategy was, find a hotel when we were tired of driving for long hours & have a good sleep. It really worked well!


This kind of unplanned trip gives us pleasure and  surprises, which we can cherish for a life time.There are two types of score card, one is external & another is internal score card. External score card is when we do some work & people appreciate that work. Human mind likes this appreciation & subconsciously it will do more & more things to get more appreciation. That means human mind relies more & more on external score card. Two drawbacks of external score card: 1) Many times  we do good work but people may not appreciate that work than human mind feels sad and it will resist to do that work again. 2) Pleasure which human mind get from external score card is not long lasting. e.g. If anybody buys luxurious car for social status , its pleasure lasts  for 3-4 months, after that human mind will seek to grab another opportunity for social status. While internal score card means , you do work which you like without expecting any appreciation from others. When you do work for your passion and for yourself, its a memory and the pleasure gained are long lasting. This is what we gained, a lovely memory to cherish for lifetime!!!

So friends ,try to rely on internal score card for achieving your goal & enjoying your life.

For Velas turtle festival,                                                                                                              Milind Nijasure Homestay no: 8149753863                                                                                      Mr. Mohan Upadhyay :8983767388

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