Chikmagalur & Gokarna- Ideas are no one’s monopoly, but to execute the idea is a monopoly.

Hi friends! This Christmas vacation we enjoyed  differently in the mid of coffee plantation of Chikmagalur & hippie beach of Gokarna. From Mangalore our journey started with self drive zoom-car towards Chikmagalur.

coffee plantation


pepper plant3.2

Our home stay nirvana kutira….nirvana kutira. It is a beautiful homestay in mid of coffee plantation with 300 yr old heritage temple.


Flowers along farm2.5


Caves of Muliyangiri3.53.6

Almost 32 water falls are in Chikmagalur. Hebbe water fall is top most in tourist list. We had selected little bit unknown ,unexplored UKKADA WATERFALL. It is in mid of muthodi jungle. One has to trek 4-5 km to reach their, but  incredible experience. One can feel like passing through forest similar to as shown in Jungle book (Disney Movie). One has to climb through trees & jump on rocks just like mowgli. Mountain in this region behaves like human. It sweats water throughout the year.  For this trek we especially thanks to Mr. Santosh(M-8197700922) from ask chikmaglure.

On the way to jungle….


mowgli style crossing…..


Water fall & swing…

at last taking bath in cold water…….


From water fall we went to Bhadra wild life sanctuary, River tern lodge.4.3

who in in the zoo……?(from balcony of our room)4.6

river tern bird


river tern bird

jerdons leaf bird(special thanks to my friend rushir for bird’s name)


white browed wagtail4.10


king fisher


malbar horn bill

jelly fish


from boat safari….4.7

From Bhadra wild life sanctuary we went to Gokarna, passing though Jog falls & dense forest of Virrapan….


jog falls

Gokarna is a small town in coastal Karnataka. It has beautiful beaches Kudle ,Om, Half moon & Paradise beach. Last two beaches are only accessible through trekking or by boat. It was a different experience to explore this beach through trekking.

Om beach


From om beach to half moon beach we have done trekking through cliff. It was a memorable experience to walk along sea on cliff.8.68.7

Half moon beach

Paradise beach-true sense of paradise for back packers


kudle beach



paramotoring at kudle beach

Kudle beach at night…….ideal place for candle light dinner

I feel Gokarna is HIPPIE Beach, people live here in different ways….mostly in beach side tents. One can enjoy Gokarna if u stay with funky style like we stayed in Namaste yoga farm….run by German couple….

Energy drink kombucha made from fermented green tea and mushrooms and Gadbad icecream.

Foreigners relishing Indian thali….11.6

Murudeshwar—-town for Shiv darshan



scuba diving at Netrani island…..


On the way Purvi’s all time favorite SCARECROW…


Many of my friends ask me how do u find time to travel?, How do u find such places? From my little bit exposure to different parts of world……I believe that India has lot of diversity, but it is not properly marketed. When i was in Bali(Indonesia) , they proudly offered me Cafe Luwak, costliest coffee of the world. Actually coffee beans are processed in cats intestine. Chikmagalur has similar coffee from monkey & malabar giant squirrel, but not marketed it properly. I get all these ideas from internet , prepare my travel plan,  & most importantly I execute these ideas with my families support. If I only dream about different ideas & don’t execute it than it has no meaning. It is true for business ideas also. It’s truly said “Idea are no one’s monopoly, but to execute idea is a monopoly”.

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