Border-Who can be winner?

Hi friends, Few months back we have explored Gujarat’s budding travel destination Indo-pak border, at Nadabet(nadabet location). Seema Darshan just like Wagha border in Punjab.  We have experienced same border ceremony by army.



India-Pakistan border

This place is part of white dessert of Kutchh.



white dessert

I believe that army is most underappreciated  asset of India. Think about two events. First Dhoni playing well and ofcourse  his famous helicopter shot on cricket ground. Second our army men plays  perfect shot to gun down terrorist with risk of his own life in battle ground. In these two events, Indian people give more appreciation to cricketer then soldiers. That is really unfortunate!!! Soldiers who are risking their own life, fight with unknown enemy, in unpredictable weather should be given more weightage.  Have a look on the website & find your own way to support to all Indian breaveheart. bharat ke veer govt portal to support indian army  .


border ceremony




After visiting border, one question  comes to my mind…..who can be the winner?  Right now no country can afford war neither India nor China-Pakistan!!! So forget about war, lets talk about business or life. Anybody who has power or money….can be a winner?  I don’t think so.    I have witnessed so many rich people few years back, but many of them may be wiped out in their richness. I have seen so many hospitals & doctors with handsome annual profit few years back…but now their medical practice is significantly down. If you look back to history, dinosaurs were most powerful life in the word , but still they don’t exist anymore in the word. In all above example….one pattern is same, Person who has money or power can win in short term, but in long term person who is willing to change, accept the truth & change their way of practice, can win and will win.

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