Ratanmahal sloth bear sanctuary- a game of pleasure chemical

As Monsoon begins…..& we have planned to explore “RATANMAHAL SLOTH BEAR SANCTUARY”.   It’s dense forest near godhra. This forest still less explored. It has many things to offer……sloth bear,water falls, lakes, river, flying squirrel…..list is very long.  We have explored few of them.

On the way few clicks….


rainbow umbrella





A view from place where we stayed-udhal mahuda forest rest house


dal-pania- a special local food cooked in leaves


In the search of bear at night—we found fire flies


dense forest


Now 2.5 km trek begins for water fall…..


on the way to water fall


real diamond


water fall



from the fall



In the fall



over the fall


“liril” couple   (hope everybody has seen liril soap old advt


our group

Have u measured pleasure anytime? I compared pleasure of taking bath in ratanmahal water fall & niagra water fall ( from my recent visit to USA).  In my view , amount of pleasure was same or more in ratanmahal water fall as i can directly access waterfall stream here.  Do u know that if doctor’s do fMRI of brain either anybody winning in casino slot machine or cocain addict……it’s brain MRI image is same. It’s due to release of pleasure chemical “DOPAMINE”. Dopamine gives us feeling of pleasure, whether we are winning, earning, traveling, anything good surprise happen in our life. It’s our mindset , we assume that niagra falls is in USA so it will give more pleasure or excitement. But that’s wrong belief. With that belief we restrict our mind to feel pleasure at anywhere else.  Pleasure chemical remain same whether u are in india or anywhere else. But we make prior negative judgement for certain things like specific food, luxurious hotel, out of india destination etc  & it will restrict our pleasure feeling. Same is true for very high expectation from certain places, if it’s not fulfilled than u will not feel pleasure. Now question is how to get rid of this pleasure game. Answer is “TRAVEL WITH LOW EXPECTATION & POSITIVE MINDSET”  With this mindset —where ever u go, u get more pleasant surprises in small-small things (remember that famous bollywood song” बड़ी बड़ी खुशियाँ है छोटी छोटी बातो मे )—-more & more dopamine release—more & more pleasure u feel…….ultimately this is a GAME OF PLEASURE CHEMICAL. 


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