Life is not number of days you live but number of days you remember-Bir billing & palampur


img_9211 Hi friends, this diwali vacation we enjoyed different experience  at remote village &  did paragliding from world’s 2nd best paragliding site…i.e. Bir Billing. I personally prefer to travel with positive energetic people & don’t prefer negative talk for food, money & time. This is my positive energetic group. We try to learn & explore new things rather than wasting time in food negativity. Finding gujarati & jain food in travelling is ultimately end up with negative talk & i am intolerent to it. Travelling teaches me a lot, when u travel with positive people & it multiplies our learning. That’s why i admire my positive energetic group.


Our journey started by train. I feel train gives lots of freedom in travelling & one should enjoy that freedom. Freedom of playing games ,deep sleep , chaiwalsas selling chai garam chai, feeling cool breeze by standing  near open door…Indeed it was enjoyable!

Our first destination was dagati village near Palampur. Very quiet & peaceful just like any other Indian village. I like village life style- no “rat race”, people have enough time for themselves  & for others, No comparison with eachother….just celebrating their life with or without money. Honestly, I have implemented this in my life.img_6503


different home

Surprisingly, anshul & his friends also enjoyed village life. They played for hours in local farms, visited village school & interacted with students. In one incident he told me that they were able to manage one sugarcane from farm & tried to sell it on the way back to our place. Though they were not able to sell it but their experience was memorable.


om chanting @river


rubber plant

Wedding…their outfit and garland of ten rupees note!


pine tree


Monastery With golden peaks during sunset,



on the way to water fall




Dharamshala cricket stadium-world’s highest altitude cricket ground

Different colours



We have explored hidden gem of India “Bir Billing”. It is  world’s 2nd best paragliding site. My approx 30 minutes flight was memorable experience. This site is considered as a heaven for paraglidder. I saw many foreigners staying here since long for paragliding. I met one Swidish citizen & asked him why did he prefer this site for paragliding? He shared with me the uniqueness about this site. He informed that with preferred wind one can fly from Bir Billing to Manali in just 6 hours(its approx 200 km far).


ready to fly.


from the top.

paragliding video


celebrating after flight

During my return journey in train, two big events happened. One Modiji had announced demonetization. 2nd Donald Trump won USA presidential election. These two events totally unpredicted by people (I had predicted Trumps victory couple of months back). Even we found extremely difficult to manage small things without 100 rs currency note. We were not able to get drinking water bottle (it costed me 20 rs)even though we had enough cash(500-1000 rs currency) to buy small factory. Felt like travelling in foreign country…but it was memorable & we enjoyed a lot in this complex situation. Hats off to Narendra Modi for this decision. It’s really going to benefit everyone in coming days.

After our memorable & unique experience in either train or in village or in long paragliding hour or demonetization or trump’s victory…….i feel that “LIFE IS NOT NUMBER OF DAYS YOU LIVE BUT NUMBER OF DAYS YOU REMEMBER”


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