Vineyard trail-nashik

Hi  friends, Vineyard trail is long awaiting tour in my “things to do” list  which executed in this season. Wine tour is very famous in europe & after “sulafest” it’s gradually popular in india also. Ideal season starts from january & end in march, when grapes crop in full swing. I met two youngster  vinod & rahul, both are engineer, one of them is from IIM,ahmedabad(my city), left their job & started new concept of food trail. They have started promoting local cuisine (farm fresh & organic) paired with wine.

vineyard trail website by vinod & rahul

India has vast variety in food, each region has different food depends on their local crop production. But as a indian we have never appreciated this local cuisine & never promoted it properly. On the contrary , we have accepted western local food(like mcdonalds, subway….) & feel proud to eat it, though its frozen food & our indian food is freshly cooked. These two guys have started their venture to promote local food & we really enjoyed a lot.


Our journey start with surati breakfast….(gopal no locho)

on the way star fruit in farms

green & white jambu

“ram fal”—just opposite of “sitafal”


Piles of  organic “haldar”


on the way tribal fair


strawberry farm-Plucking strawberry from farm was different experience & its juicy also.

strawberry couple


plucking ambli in the farm


Local khandeshi food-thesa, katachi amti,puran poli,varan bhatti, patavadya ni bhaji…

vine yard


grape stomping

Wine making machinery

different glasses

dance party with poolside barbeque at night

Next day in nashik’s first grapes plantation



tractor ride in grapes farm

pomegranate farm

dry grapes


Now, this is really amazing parts of trip. We have made all local dishesh with help of local people. Everybody has enjoyed this activity.

one roasted brinjal & everybody wants it


Dishes which we have helped prepared

time for mirchi awards

My group


With vinod & rahul


Now it’s time for pilgrim tour….trimbakeshwar shiv temple

ram kund-@ godavari river aarti

There are different concept in single tour-local khandeshi food, vineyard trail, grapes-strawberry-pomegranate farm exploratory tour, make aware of our children for indian tradition like godavari arti,trimbakeshwar shivling puja etc. At the end of our tour, we enjoyed a lot. I always believe that india has lots of things to offer us, but still not properly marketed yet. Thanks to vinod & rahul (, who has make our india pride.




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