Valparai-land of tea & coffee gardens

Friends, After lakshdweep cruise we move forward towards valparai.  Valparai is hiden gem of india. It’s not in any tourist circuit. Even no hotels in valparai,only options are home stay or tea estate bungalow stay. WE have selected tea estate bunglow(stm tea bunglow). It’s amazing experience to  stay in mid of tea garden.

Valparai is is in tamilnadu , after crossing to athirapally water fall in kerala, one has to pass from dense forest patch to enter in valparai.

athirapally water fall(bahubali movie)

Lottery tickets are still available in kerala, i also observed that no glass on windows of city bus in kerala.

Valparai-land of tea & coffee gardens.Tea plant will grown up within 3 yr.One can see fresh tea plantation, tea flower & fully grown tea gardens.

Tea workers & their “hidden” meal.

Our tea estate has two water fall.

Tea gardens ……….



sunset in valparai




India’s first semi arched dam in valparai

pepper plantation in tea gardens…..


coffee plantation……


Valparai has lots of reserved forest. We have explored malapally forest & nallamudi view point. It has very rich wild life.We have sighted lion faced monkey, flying squirrel & wild elephants…..

lion faced monkey(photo by dr rajesh patel)DSC09250

flying squirrel(photo by dr kaushik shah)

malbar squiral

Unique spidder web with tunnel inside, i have seen such spider web first time.

Husband taking care of his wife & protect her from sunlight ….whether i visit north or south india….this culture remain same……IMG_0223

I got “pani puri” in south india…….enjoyed itIMG_3308

Local black tea with localites @temple.

Lungi collection…….

Celebration in church

I have seen funeral on the way. People were celebrating & dancing after death, just like in marraige. I was shocked, asked to local people, They told me “If we cry after death, that soul will not be happy.That’s why we celebrate death to give peace to that soul” It’s very true & rich culture.

Friends, i have selected valparai to take a chance, but this destination has  so many things to deliver ….Green Hill Township with Grass Land Mountains, tea & coffee gardens, Valleys, Waterfalls, forest, rich culture…….& so on.Previously i was believing that “it journey matters, not a destination”, after my visit to valparai, i believe that “destination  matters toooooo”……!



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