Deogarh mahal-पधारो म्हारे देश

Friends, this Diwali vacation, we celebrated our holiday king style @Deogarh Mahal. It is 5 hour drive from my city Ahmedabad, in Rajsamand district . http://www.deogarhmahal.comIMG_1333

What a gorgeous palace!!! More than 400 yr old heritage property & it has been preserved as it is….! Deogarh was 2nd largest kingdom after Udaipur in Rajasthan & one can feel that richness in each n every corner of mahal.IMG_1393


Whether staying in palace or any activity within palace, they make you feel like a king. Candle light dinner on roof top with rajasthani performance was one of the best programme.


A beautiful lake & fort is seen on Mahal’s terrace & to view sunrise at this point was MESMERIZING!

This area has many lakes. We have explored two of them. One with 1956 vintage car “willy” & another with private boat. Unexplored nature is speciality of this area.


Another important & less known sight seeing in this area is its heritage train. Its built by britishers in 1930. It passes from Aravali forest, connecting Marwad & Mewar . There are lots of bridges to connect hills, one can feel like a konkan railway or shimla -kalka railway.

Deogarh fort also beautiful place to watch.Its a fort surrounded by lake. Now it’s converted to heritage hotel.

SIngoda (water chestnut) plants in the fort’s lake.

After this amazing beautiful place & warm hospitality , we went to Bera leopard sanctuary. This hilly terrain have lots of leopards.

Few variety of rajasthani “pagadi”

Royal touch in small things


Random clicks of few foreigners.

Old method to abstract oil from sesame seed called “ghani”.

After my visit to Rajasthan, i think few unique words are very frequently used in rajasthan. One is “पधारो” & another is “हुकुम”. I really miss these words & warm hospitality of deogarh mahal.



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  1. very informative mohal bhai… very nicely but shortly described. thanks for sharing your experience. would love to see more and more places on your page… keep going. good luck…

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