Tribal tourism-kauncha village(dudhani)

Friends, this long weekend we spend our quality time to explore & understand tribes of gujarat. Dudhani is place near silvasa with huge lake,surrounding forest & totally tribal area.”SHIKARA ” ride (just like dal lake in srinagar) is speciality of this area. Large water reservoir due to madhuban dam gives feeling of kerala back water. We have enjoyed tribal “tarpa” dance, “worli” painting of tribes, dudhani water fall (only accessible by boat), camp fire…….& so on. They have served us food which is grown in their farms. We enjoyed adventurous river rafting in daman ganga river. One of the two raft was totally toppled with strong waves & most of us including 3 children were in river for some time. All have managed by themselve to come out of river,after that i asked children ; what did u learn from this situation? They said:”કોઈ પણ DIFFICULT પરિસ્થિતિ માં ગભરાવાનું નહિ ,શાંતિ થી તેનો ઉપાય કાઢવાનો (NEVER BE PANIC IN ANY DIFFICULT SITUATION)” I think this is best lesson they learn it.

Many times i think, why do i travel ?? I am sure everyone has their own reasons. But have you ever think what does it mean to you ?Does travelling simply means sticking to the listed items on your itinerary ? Does it simply to have a gala time with your family and friends ??Does it mean to traverse the maximum destinations possible from the smallest inch of this location to that part of the world or has it solely become a medium of boasting around on the social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. ? I consider that every individual knows the answer for self. For me, every single travel opens the door to a new understanding, unusual experiences and a brand new wisdom which makes me meet the better, redefined and rejuvenated version of my own self….!!!! (BANKERS ….)

Disclosure: special thanks to my positive energetic group, without them this much fun not possible. We face lot of changes ,but our goal was to enjoy & we have achieved it.




our cottage


place where we stayed




feel of keralian back water



boats are parked & small treck towards water fall


dudhani water fall


looks like keralian back water


shikara ride like dal lake in srinagar


road to heaven


nagli ni roti


worli paintiing art of tribes


“tarpa” instrument made up of bamboo & dudhi

IMG_0244 IMG_0323

Jinga la la dance by children


tribal dance


pandav flower

IMG_0162 IMG_5212 IMG_5210

floura of this area

DSC_2910 DSC_2841 DSC_2821 DSC_2837 DSC_2833 DSC_2823

adventurous rafting in daman ganga river

8 responses to “Tribal tourism-kauncha village(dudhani)

  1. Sir, its great,amazing… when we r near to nature , we feel very calm,quite and enthusiatics….pl regularly shares such places… i also went to vaghai were i eat “chokha no rotlo” its really tasty…..!!!!!


  2. Its worth praising that u take out sometime to explore the beauty of nature which is rather difficult in our profession


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