MANDU-Monsoon magic

friends, this independant weekend we enjoyed in mandu. Its road trip, 400 km from ahmedabad. Most of road passes from jungle & tribal belt. We enjoyed lush green country side,water fall (hathni mata water fall) , amazing banyan tree(road passes from tree) on the way. We met “kavad” on the way. These yougster bring water from narmada river during holy shravan month & do “jalabhishek” on shivling of their villages. My selfie with these colourfull “bajarangi bhaijan” was amazing moment. Mandu is amazing place perticular in monsoon. Its full of fog & gives picturous images….that’s why people call “magical mandu”. Lots of palaces & monuments in mandu. I met one local lady in front of one palace, selling “limbu pani”. She told me;’saab, itne bade bade mahal banane wale ke mahal me abhi koi diya jalane wala nahi hai, to fir hame kyo fikra karni chahie……”…it’s very much true…isn’t it?


Road passing from banyan tree

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on the way chilled water stream, enjoyed desi makai


It’s unique custom in this region—-people will bring narmada water from maheshwar in “kavad” during shravan month(by walking). They do “jalabhishek” of shivling in local villadge.





Tree of afghanistan imli….large trunk


lady with afghanistan imli-this imli reduces thurst. Its available in afghanistan, rusia & in mandu. Afghan soldiers brought it years back

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Few monuments of “mandu”


Local fishing boys- i like fearless smile


Local malvani food”dal bafane”….prepared from desi ghee


school van

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green country side


Enjoyed at hathni mata water fall in jambughoda forest

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  1. Superb nature exposed by you
    Love to visit the place n above all heart touching talk of nimboopani wali lady
    Great words from a small person

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