Jurasic jungle-gir forest

Hi friends! we have celebrated our Janmasthmi (2014) at Gir forest. Normally, Gir forest is more explored in winter or summer, but we have explored in monsoon. Its amazing experience of monsoon in gir .Apart of Lots of birds & animals , we have explored forest in jungle treking. One river trek along harini river reminds me , Amazone jungle on discovery channel. We had lots of experience about innocence of Gir people & African negro(siddi) dance, but most amazing experince is forest treking in night.To see lion in jungle(after treking in jungle bare foot) & when i heard lion’s roar(in midnight)…..wow its thrilling experience! Till now i accepting lion as a king of jungle but after my visit to this”Jurasic jungle ” & hearing lion’s roar in midforest, now i can feel,he is king of jungle.


Entery point of gir forest, huge water reservoir of dam.

Our resort in jungle

Small trek surrounding resort

Village home

Done short Treck along river,spotted crocodile 

Birds in jungle


Weaver bird

Swings on banyan tree
Now comes King of jungle


Leopard seen on the wall of house

Siddi dance at night

Gujju tajmahal in Junagadh

My recent visit to gir in nov 2016, i have explored few untouched places of gir. One of them is “gir gadhada” forest region. We were fortunate to get permission & visited core area of this part of forest where routine public & safaris are not allowed. We visited in one of nes(home of maldhari community) in this region. It is incredible experience.



entry into nes. Its wall made up of thorns to prevent lion attack within nes.

jamjir water fall



I asked this african nigro That ” do u have any relative in africa?”, he replied me “not in africa but in i have relative in usa, i.e. mr. obama”

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