Mysterious island-bankers island

Its unique island, discovered by fisherman,near jamnagar. Tour was organised by Dr Mahendra Falia sir, really amazing experience of “saurashtra ni atithi satkar bhavana”. He has done lots of hard work for preparing tour itinerary & also very delicious food. We departed early morning from sachana port, near balachhadi-jamnagar. We travel through fishing boat . Fisherman took us in mid of sea, every where water & only water. He(fisherman) said me to wait for 30 minutes. He measures water level by bamboo stick. Amazingly within 30 minutes , as water level reduce, 3 km island come up in mid of sea. If you see one photograph of fishing, at same site island emerges out from water. Its very rich of marine life. This island was existed for only 3 hours. Again water level started to increase & island disappear. We have done fishing at same site where this island appear. Approx 50-100 ft water level over island. Its amazing experience , really unbelievable. That fisherman, who earns only from fishing, he has not done fishing for 3 days, just to remove bad fishing smell from their boat…..just to serve us. ….friends this is priceless tour for us ….i can not describe feeling of that fisherman in words……at last i would say…”money can not buy everything”



Started our journey at 4.00 am from sachana port @balachhadi,jamnagar.



On the way in sea

once we reach at site, fisherman told us that now wait for 20-30 minutes. Fishing done at same site.


Now water level start reducing. children checking water level with bamboos. Initially it was floating in water, after sometime, it starts touching land.


suddenly small island emerges from water within mid-sea.



within short time small island concerted into big island….



we have explored lots of marine life……..



jelly fish




with dr falia sir


our group


We were busy with our games & picnic mood, suddenly fisherman told us to go back to boat as water level rising.



……….and island disappear



real hero of this trip are fisherman……with them



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