Top 7 Refreshing Healthy Raitas To Add To Your Daily Diet!

Akshita Jolly
20 Feb 2024

    Raita is an amazing delicacy that you can make with curd and enjoy during the hot summer months. Swipe to see these healthy raitas that you can add to your daily diet.

Cucumber raita

    Made with curd and grated cucumber, this raita is an amazing recipe that you can try with easily available kitchen ingredients.

Mint Raita

    Need a refreshing raita recipe? Take a handful of mint leaves and add it to the curd. Add some salt and other spices as per your taste. Enjoy it with paratha.

Spinach Raita

    How about switching to a healthy option and going for a spinach raita that can help with weight loss? Sounds interesting, right? Add this to your diet routine.

Pineapple raita

    You might have seen in big-fat Indian weddings and luxurious hotels that this raita is served with breakfast. This raita is a flavourful combination of pineapple, curd and pomegranate.

Carrot Raita

    Mixed with grated carrots, this raita is another nutritious recipe to add to your diet. It is a must-try.

Onion tomato raita

    What could be better than having an amazing amalgamation of onion and tomato raita? Add some coriander leaves and the raita is ready.

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