Neerja Turns 8: Check Out Sonam Kapoor's Other Best Films!

Purnima Mishra
20 Feb 2024

    Sonam Kapoor’s Neerja turns 8, the movie was touted as a game changer for the Indian cinema. However, the actress had an exceptional performancein the movie. Check out the other details here.

Reasons to Watch Neerja

    The movie is a must-watch as it is based on true story and has impeccable performance by Sonam Kapoor. The movie also has heart touching music and dialogues.

True Story

    The film is a must-watch as it is based on a true story. It is biopic on Pan Am Hijack. It is a story of young girl, who lost her life while saving the 359 lived on flight form Pan Am Hijack.

Sonam Kapoor

    Sonam Kapoor was the director’s first choice. The actress brought out the challenging emotions on-screen. If you are a fan of Sonam Kapoor, then you must watch her othe films too.

Prem Ratan Paayo

    The movie from where, Sonam Kapoor was signed for Neerja, she was the first choice of Director. However, the movie starring Sonam Kapoor and Salman Khan was the highest grossing Bollywood movie in 2015.


    Raanjhanaa was based on a story of one-sided love. Sonam kapoor herself said that the acting in the movie changed her in fundamental way. She stated in an interview that playing Zoya made her more settled and calmer.


    If you are looking for fairy tale and calming movie, then this is for you. This movie is a perfect combination of comedy and motivation. Sonam Kapoor received the award of ‘Entertainer of Year’ for this movie.


    Padman was the movie made for the purpose of educating people about period hygiene. The movie starred Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor in the movie.

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