Astro Expert Tells What Should You Use To Bathe Laddu Gopal At Home

If you’re taking care of Laddu Gopal at your home and serving him, you have to follow the rules related to it mentioned in astrology. To know what you should use to bathe him, read this article for detailed information.

Jyoti Sethi
how to bathe laddu gopal idol

Many people install the idol of Laddu Gopal in their homes and after performing its Pran Pratishtha, serve him as one would treat their child. However, you have to follow the rules and principles related to it in astrology. You also have to properly bathe him and feed him. Well, in this case, you can read about the proper procedure for bathing him from Astrologer Radhakant Vats in this article.

things to keep while bathing laddu gopal

Bathe Laddu Gopal With Gopi Chandan

You are advised to use Gopi Chandan (sandalwood) while bathing Laddu Gopal daily as it is very dear to him. This is believed to keep him clean and happy.

things that should be kept while bathing laddu gopal

Bathe Laddu Gopal With Saffron

You can also bathe Laddu Gopal with saffron (Kesar) as this attracts his blessings, auspiciousness and positivity into your life.

how to bathe laddu gopal idol at home

Bathe Laddu Gopal With Panchamrit

It is considered to be very auspicious to bathe Kanha with Panchamrit but you should not follow this practice daily. This is because he is supposed to be bathed with Panchamrit daily only in temples. However, at home, you should only do it on festive and auspicious occasions.

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