5 Momo Joints In Kolkata To Devour Delicious Dumplings

Are you in Kolkata or are planning to visit? If yes, here are some of the best momo places in the city which you cannot miss for authentic and steamy hot momos. 

Rajoshi Purkait
kolkata momos joint

Kolkata is a city which feels like poetry. From its aesthetically appealing streets to the culturally rich art and architecture, Kolkata is a place that makes a place in your heart intending to never leave. Another thing that is highly appealing about Kolkata is its food. Be it from the local vendors on the streets or fancy restaurants, the food of Kolkata is cooked with love and immense flavours.

If you are in Kolkata or planning to visit some time soon, here are some momo joints in the city that you cannot miss.

Hamro Momo

The OG momo lovers are very familiar with Hamro Momo in Elgin, Kolkata. Hamro Momo is a restaurant that serves mouth-smacking Tibetan food. Their momos are heavenly and a must-try. You must also try their Chowmein, Pork, Garlic Chicken, and Pan Fried Momos. 

Denzong Kitchen

Situated in Jadavpur, Denzong Kitchen is one of the best places in Kolkata to eat momos. They serve plates of cheese-loaded momos which will surely give you foodgasms. You can also try their Noodles and Soup for an affordable price.

kolkata momo Denzong Kitchen

Let's Talk Momo

Located in Kolkata’s Bhawanipur, Let's Talk Momo serves a wide range of momos that will remind of the hills. This momo place has an immense variety of vegetarian momos to offer to its customers. Here you can try Steamed, Pan Fried, Soup Momo, Tandoori, Gravy, and Aloo Dum Momo, to name a few.

kolkata momo Let's Talk Momo

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If you are looking for a cute place in Kolkata to eat this street food, you must visit Mamamomo in New Alipore in the city. The authentic and delicious recipes that are served here are by Pemba Doma Kidwai who is from Darjeeling. Here you can find a wide variety of chicken, pork, and even veg momos. 

Tibetan Delight

If momos are not the only delicacy that you are craving for, visit Tibetan Delight in Elgin, Kolkata. Here, you will be served with a steaming bowl full of love and Thukpa to devour. Other must-try dishes here are Chicken Chow, Cantonese Chow Mein, Barbeque Pork, and Pork Chilli.

kolkata momo Tibetan Delight

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You must visit these momo places when you travel to Kolkata. If you liked this story, stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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